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The power to find the right assisted living

We are our customers. We have mothers and fathers, grandparents, friends and neighbors who have either faced or will face the difficult task of knowing how to find the right assisted living.

Senior Place Finder makes it a lot easier.

We have spent years in the assisted living industry and through our experience came to recognize the hardships and difficulty that seniors and families have in this journey. We’re also well aware of the amount of time and frustrations that come with misunderstandings, rejection and the high cost.

We’re also aware of the frustration of having to use advisers or consultants to find qualified places and it requires you to wait for a list. The current way takes away independence and being able to intelligently search.

This is the reality that inspired Senior Place Finder. It overcomes much of the indignity by giving seniors and families the power to find the best place.

By entering your desired or needed locations, care budget, residence type, social and lifestyle are what determine the places you’ll visit.

Senior Place Finder gives you the control and a complete understanding of why a place is on your list. It’s based on your input and nothing else.

Senior Place Finder promises to save you time and make your search intelligent and effective.

Senior Place Finder processes also introduces your information to the assisted living contacts on your list. So they will know you when you contact them and they will reach out to you keeping the process moving forward. We feel by providing your information it helps to advance your relationship with the assisted living professional from the start.

They will know about you and will know what you need to know to make a decision.

The innovator of the Senior Place Finder service has spent years in the tech industry before working for the past ten years in the elder care industry.

It is his understanding for how Internet technology can make things better and his experience with seniors and families that pushed him to find a way to empower seniors and families in a process.

His guiding principal is to provide independence, protect your dignity and build respect in the way we find assisted living residences.

The Senior Place Finder method is based on the best practices of the assisted living industry.

The method uses the questions assisted living marketing professionals need to best determine a prospect for residency. By giving the questions to you online we’ve managed to make the process more efficient, effective, friendly and satisfying.

Click your answers and submit. The system immediately searches its database and compiles a qualifying list of assisted living residences.

We are here to serve you. Your submission for assisted living residences that meet your needs and desires authorizes us to send your information to the qualifying residences to be received as a referral. Referrals are paid for when they move into the residence.

Senior Place Finder offers a $200 voucher valid at any assisted living residence on your list when you move-in. Simply present your voucher to the assisted living and receive a $200 credit.

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  • You also can further refine your search by indicating the care services, accommodations, diet and Amenities you like & it imedietly qualifies a list of places that meet your requests.
  • Senior Place Finder offers you a private account to save your lists of places. You can create new list simply by modifying your search criteria.
  • Your qualified list includes each place's contact, and information with your permission, we give them your information, which means you won't have to answer questions everytime, instead they'll already have the answers.
  • With Senior Place Finder there is no waiting, your results are immediate. Your experience shopping for Senior Living will be easier and more productive, and in your control.
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